A virtual DJ setup to mix your own music using multiple sound cards
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If you've ever wanted a digital DJ set up on your computer then Tactile12000, a 3D simulation program, is for you. Tactile12000 is a cross platform application suitable for both Windows and Macintosh, and this new version supports multiple sound cards on Windows-operated computers, allowing you to plug your headphones into a second sound card to cue your next track while another is playing through your main speakers. The program's interface features a realistic, virtual, interactive simulation of a turntable, mixer DJ set up. With this setup you can mix music from your hard drive, including your MP3 files and wave songs, and control the turntable and mixer with your keyboard. If you convert your own CDs or sound files to MP3 formats with encoding software, you will be able to cross fade, backspin, speed up or slow down, your favorite music and create your own mixes like a DJ. If you wish to record your musical mix creations, you can connect the output of your sound card to a tape deck or another computer. You can mix your sounds from two turntables using the vertical sliders independently, or by using the master volume slider and the cross fader, and you can 'scratch' by clicking on the virtual record displayed and dragging it backwards and forwards.

R. Fernandez
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